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We are currently offering monthly membership based programing in satisfaction of The Florida Bar's continuing education requirements. Membership includes the monthly continuing education offering, yoga and meditation session, as well as weekly tips and tricks to further your goals of managing work-life balance.

OYM is also available to teach at your office, law firm, or to create a custom retreat to further camaraderie within your profession. Each program may be purchased independently. 


OYM Yoga 

Our signature offering, tailored to your level and needs, combining classic Hatha Yoga postures, centering on Iyengar style alignment, and fluid Ashtanga style Vinyasa flow synchronized with the breath. Each sequence is uniquely enhanced with mobility in mind, focusing on strength and openness.


OYM meditation

Our signature meditation session, tailored for you, utilizing scientifically proven methods to induce physical and mental relaxation.