Our Mission

To enhance communication and performance of executives and professionals by using time tested and scientifically proven, self-management and life-management methods. 

— Kristina Colón, JD, RYT 200, Owner and Director

That you might find yourself at times in a situation in which you see no clear alternatives does not mean, objectively considered, that there are no clear alternatives.
— D. Q. McInerny, "Being Logical"

After beginning her line of work in cultural anthropology, Kristina Colón began her career in the law, quickly advancing her role as a leader in conflict resolution studies. She was a certified mediator by the Supreme Court of Florida in the Circuit Civil and Family Divisions and has participated in private mediations, mediation at the Collins Center for Public Policy, and mediations appointed by the 11th Judicial Circuit Court.

She later worked for the Center for Professionalism and Ethics at Florida International University, College of Law, creating joint proposals advocating for heightened awareness in professionalism. During this time, Ms. Colón was also an active member of the Mindfulness in Law Task Force and went on to become a contributing author to the Dade County Bar Association Bulletin, co-publishing an article on Mindfulness in the Law. She later went on to work in commercial business and real estate law, litigating and negotiating large scale and complex dealings.

Ms. Colón then began The Law Office of Kristina Colón, P.A., focusing on the areas of commercial business development and intellectual property licensing. As years passed, it was evident the negotiation component of her work was its mainstay. Following the pull, she focused her work in commercial business consulting and began embracing the benefits of a proactive meditation practice.

A practitioner of yoga for over 20 years, Ms. Colón has taken her studies further and learned variations and accompanying benefits of many types of meditation techniques, including Zen meditation, mindfulness meditation, and mantra meditation, as well as breathing techniques to clear the mind and reinforce positive circulation in overworked bodies. Through the use of this ancient science and the accompanying physical postures, she has been effective in combating daily and compound stress for herself and others.

In 2017, Ms. Colón took the leap and became a certified yoga teacher and began a unique and rewarding system entitled OYM. Her business, Outside Your Mind, LLC, focuses on the challenges presented in the professional sector, specifically, negotiating with yourself.  OYM dedicates time to assisting the professional in managing and balancing their professional and personal life.